The years cast in the mold – Muottituote Group celebrated its 50th anniversary

Two happy mould makers, Jouko (left) and Jukka Nurmi from Muottituote Group Oy. (Photo: Elmeri Elo)

Muottituote Group oy, doing mould manufacturing and injection moulding in Rauma and Joensuu, was celebrating its 50-year old history at 5th of May. At the same event a book about the company was published. Founder Jouko Nurmi, Chairman Jukka Nurmi and CEO Tero Vanninen are looking to the future with positive minds.

When company is 50-years old, it is not about the luck or coincidence. Half a century requires lot of hard work, dedication and brave decisions. Muottituote Group Oy has grown from two man company to 70 people group operating in two cities.

Jouko Nurmi founded the company in 1973 with his neighbour. Operations started in the garage of Jouko Nurmis house. Later on these premises were expanded due to increased demand and new machines. First employees were hired in the 1975.

– Starting an own company at that time was and would still be an easy choice. I was not afraid or uncertain about it. In fact I put all my heart in to it. Things I learnt in childhood, must have given reasons to this, when you do something, do it with 100%, explains Jouko Nurmi

After couple of years in operation, Jouko took full responsibility of the company. When house garage became too small, company built new factory hall to to Kortela, Rauma at 1984. In these premises company operated until 2019 when it moved to other side of Rauma to bigger factory. Expansion to Joensuu happened in 2010 when it bought the oprations of old Perlos Tools operations.

Next generation took over at 2003 when Jukka Nurmi started as CEO and Jouko Nurmi became a chairman of the board.

Tero Vanninen, who has been working as Plant Manager in Joensuu factory since 2017, has been now nominated as CEO. Jukka Nurmi will continue as Chairman of the board and Plant Manager in Rauma factory.

– This change will support our strategic plans as well as it brings new energy to daily management. Tero’s experience and competence will take us to new level in terms of growth and development. For existing customer and employee interfaces this doesn’t have effect, explains Jukka Nurmi

– It is an honor to receive this nomination and continue developing this great family company. We have huge potential to take next steps and I am sure that together with Jukka, we can write lot of new chapters to Muottituote history, says Vanninen

Muottituote Group Board of directors Kari Koponen (vas.), Jouko Nurmi, Jukka Nurmi ja Tero Vanninen. (Photo: Sanna Kinnunen)

Book of company and family

With the name Muottituote Group Oy, company has been operating since 2008. Decades long strong trust and high quality have created great relationships. Customer of Muottituote are top class in their own field.

As usually in life, also Muottituote’s 50 year history has up and downs. Depression at 90’s, growth and downsizing of mobile phone industry as well as expansion plans to Russia. All these experiences has grown the company to where it is today.

– Growth story of the company is part of our family, and it has been made possible by the strong support from our families and competent employees. This is a team work and nobody alone couldn’t have done this, tells Jukka Nurmi

During the 2022, company history was written in to the book and it was published during the anniversary party. It includes many chapters of the company history from founders youth to today.

Being a family company, book also includes many stories about family’s life. Nice moments as well as challenging times which all have link to company history

– It is important that book includes good and bad moments of the history. What happens outside of the working hours in life of the entrepreneur, has an effect to work life and vice versa. We wanted to tell an honest story openly. Big thanks to all who participated in making of the book, says Jouko Nurmi

All employees were part of the evening party in Helmiranta. (Photo: Sanna Kinnunen)

Fast reactions to growing needs

History has created a strong foundation also for the future. Target for Muottituote is to become a leading manufacturer of moulds and injection moulding in Skandinavia. Investments made during the last few years, as well as competent and committed employees are supporting this.

– We value our employees and want to invest in them. without professional, committed and motivated employees, we only have machines. Machines are not operating on their own, we always need competence behind to get them running efficiently, highlights Jukka Nurmi

Nowadays Muottituote Group is a strong company, having revenue of 11,4 m€ (2022)which generated profit of 864 000 €. Due to continuous development and lean organization , family company is agile and can make fast decisions.

One example of this was a Covid-19 pandemic that shaked the world. Muottituote had already made efforts towards medical industry, but when demand went up, fast and brave decisions were needed. More investments were made and ie. white room for injection moulding were build up. This ensured high customer satisfaction.

– Knowhow of the owners and family company type of business is a strong foundation now and in future. Muottituote has made big investments also in challenging times. We believe that when we invest in productivity, it will pay back, says Vanninen

When founder of the company Jouko Nurmi now looks the time back, he would still make the same decision as in 1973 – founding a company. Eventually it is a lifestyle.

– Referring to old tv-series, here sits a happy and thankful man. I look at Muottituote with happy and joy. And even the numbers are telling it, story of Muottituote will develop also in future, says Nurmi

Muottituote Group Oy

  • Founded in 1973
  • Specialised in manufacturing of technically demanding moulds and injection moulding
  • Factories in Rauma and Joensuu
  • 70 employees
  • Turnover 11,4 million euro and profit 864 000 euro
  • Had its 50-year birthday party 5th of May in Rauma

TEXT: Marko Östman