Muottituote Group Oy bought Rapala VMC Corporation’s entire injection moulding business

Muottituote Group Oy’s CEO Tero Vanninen and Rapala VMC Oyj’s group management team member, Business Director responsible for lure manufacturing Arto Nygren shake hands for the business transaction. On the left is Muottituote’s Chairman of the Board Jukka Nurmi and in the background Jukka Roikonen, CEO of KL-Teho Oy.

Finnish mould maker and injection moulded parts manufacturer Muottituote Group Oy has bought Rapala VMC Corporation’s entire injection moulding business with an agreement signed on the December 22nd, 2023.

With the transaction, Muottituote Group Oy acquires Rapala VMC Corporation’s subsidiary KL-Teho Oy’s real estate located in Korpilahti, Finland, along with the injection molding operations, equipment, and personnel.

”This transaction deepens the co-operation that started over 40 years ago. During recent years we have been growing organically in Joensuu and Rauma and we have been also looking for possibilities for unorganic growth. This is an important step to our journey towards leading supplier of moulds and moulded parts in Scandinavia”, explains Tero Vanninen, CEO of Muottituote Group  

Rapala started the discussions because they wanted the partner that they already know and that is capable of developing operations further. And this is why the negotiations was only held with Muottituote which has been doing the moulds to Rapala for decades. 

“Rapala wants its own factories to focus on the production of finished products and acquire components from contract manufacturers. Muottituote Group can focus on developing quality and efficiency in its area of expertise, better than us”, says Tuomas Akkanen, a member of Rapala VMC Corporation’s Global Management Team and Executive Vice President, Head of Group Supply Chain.

With this transaction Muottituote widens its product and service offering as well as geographical coverage. New factory in the middle of Finland is nice addition to our portfolio and it offers new possibilties for new customers also.

Factory in Korpilahti manufactures moulded components for Rapala fishing lures, Peltonen skis, Marttiini knives as well as Mora, UR and Strike Master ice drills. Parties also signed a manufacturing contract for several years which will ensure the continuity of factory operations.

As part of the business transaction, approximately 20 employees will transfer to Muottituote Group as existing employees. The factory’s operations will continue without interruption, maintaining the same functions as before. The transaction has no impact on the ice drill manufacturing of KL-Teho Oy.

”These three factories are complementing each other. With this transaction we will also get new competence inhouse because now we also have die-casting in our offering. We will develop each of our factory independently based on customer focus and we will maintain the DNA of every location when doing this”, says Jukka Nurmi, Chairman of the Board of Muottituote.  

Muottituote Group is a family owned company founded in 1973, which now employs over 90 people. Year 2023, Entrepreneurs of Rauma awarded a company of  the year award to 50-year old Muottituote  

”We are almost doubling our machine amount to more than 50 injection moulding machine which makes us one of the big ones in Finland. We will put effort to develop new factory further and we are also mapping new customer potential without endangering exsting relationship with Rapala”, explains Tero Vanninen.

Further information:

Tero Vanninen
040 751 7821

Jukka Nurmi
Chairman of the board
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