Your idea - our solutions


Muottituote is an experienced plastic product expert that excels in every part of the plastic product manufacturing process. We are involved in every aspect of the product development process, from the customer┬┤s idea to the finished product.


From idea to finished product

We utilize BTO (Built-To-Order)

methodology and all ordered products are manufactured as rapid, flexible and customized single projects. Our investments in highly automated, robotized production cells are resulting in robust high quality end products delivered to our customers.

We operate and develop our functions according to our certified ISO9001 Quality System, and aim at constant, profitable and controlled growth.

We maintain a high standard

from the very first design stages and secure the process quality by systematic design review sessions. Our designers are highly experienced and qualified professionals, who have a comprehensive understanding of all the different stages of tool manufacturing. Professionally designed tools always function according to strict technical specifications and meet all our customer needs.

We manufacture the carefully designed plastic molds precisely and make sure that the end result is a high quality product.

Our customers

are globally know industry leaders, who appreciate the workmanship and high precision tooling by Muottituote. Robust, reliable tools are the key factor for our customers to achieve minimum downtime and least interruptions in mass volume production. Our customers recognize that the tooling purchase is based on the life cycle model, which means that the actual tooling investment is only a fraction of the total costs involved in mass volume production.

In addition

to the measuring devices placed in the metalworking machine tool, we ensure the quality and precise measurements in different stages of production by using separate CNC-coordination measurement machines.

The module mold concept which we developed makes the production of the different sized products more efficient. We have hundreds of different plastic parts in production.


We are a globally operating, flexible business partner

We participate

in our customer projects all the way, from the product design support until the accepted tooling trials. Because of our early involvement in the product design stage, we can offer our customers significantly more added value than a typical tooling supplier. Our thorough experience and deep understanding of our customer needs helps us to develop more efficient production methods.

With our extensive co-operation network we can provide extremely challenging turnkey solutions and comprehensive deliveries

Our company

has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing injection molds. The daily development of our processes is a part of our employee┬┤s job description. The variety of skills of our workers keeps our company innovative and flexible in the global business environment.